Founder’s Statement


My name is Peter Scott and I am the founder of Fields 4 Valor.  I am a veteran and have had my own challenge in reinventing myself after service. Which has been much more challenging than it seemed while I was in the service. However, I have been very fortunate in many key ways during my transition. I was in a relationship where my now wife had a house and a well-paying job and supported me during my soul searching and healing after the war. I have known veterans who have gone in all directions after the military from prison to private contracting, corporate executive jobs, mental treatment programs, and drug dependency programs. From my personal experience, I know that I have only begun to feel like a success at life after making a major change in career and lifestyle from Counterintelligence Agent to now an Urban Farmer.

Most veterans I know who have succeeded in their own post-service life and happiness have done one of two things. Either continued on to the civilian twin of their military career or completely changed the direction of their work. I believe this is especially true of combat veterans. F4V aims to give crucial support to those making the hard transition of changing careers and lifestyle with or without families and with or without injury. Allowing members to use money that would be otherwise be dedicated to groceries to be spent on items such as utilities, clothing, school, rent, and/or transportation. Food provided to members will be coming directly from where it is grown, increasing its quality and nutritional density.

In addition to using sustainable and natural agricultural processes, we are also searching for ways to make the program financially sustainable. With your help, F4V hopes to continue supporting the military community so that we can become the next greatest generation.  Donate today.